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Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the VAF Air fans can move contaminated air out of the building. They effectively exhaust fumes, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air.

VAF Air Applications

VAF Air Applications

Double Protection:
The double wall construction protects the inner casing from being dented giving extended product lifetime. Dented or damaged casings are a common cause of failure with traditional metal fans.

Less Downtime:
The polythene casing is resistant to the normal knocks and bangs of everyday use that can stop a sheet metal fan. Metal fans often dent which can obstruct the fan blade. The VAF Air units easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity.

Greater Value:
The casing are corrosion free and unlike metal fans will not rust when they are dented, chipped or scratched. They simply last longer and offer greater value for money.

Constructed with interlocking ribs for stacking vertically. Great for storage as they need a minimal footprint.

Application Examples

Welding – Remove the fumes and smoke away from the working area. Perfect for ship repair!

Concrete cutting – Remove the dust to see what you are doing when cutting bricks and concrete with diamond saws.

Flood Damage – Dry out flooded buildings, blowing clean dry air into a building or extracting damp humid air out of a building.

Confined Space Working – Clean and change the air to provide a safe, comfortable working environment.

Mines & Processing Plants – Keep dust out of work areas or ventilate areas that do not have normal ventilation available for temporary work.

VAF-300 (12") Fan

VAF-300 (12″) Fan